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FSU Accounting Group has 30+ years of general accounting and tax-related services. Our highly experienced professionals are trained with the skills needed to manage your financial needs. We are dedicated to maximizing your financial benefits by offering both Individual Tax and Business Tax Services.

We handle your financial and tax concerns so you can focus on your job at hand.

30+ Years in Business

Our Expertise

Licensed By The SC Board of Accountancy

Enrolled Agents With IRS

Specialists in Tax Compliance

Sales Tax Preparation Specialists

Overseas Tax Preparation


FSU Accounting Group is a flexible, attentive team of accountants that tailors its services to the needs of each client. When other accountants produce financial reports, they leave their clients to interpret the reported data’s significance on their own. We take the time to explain what your financial statement means and how the findings from our reports affect you from a tax standpoint.

Most of our input is derived from check stubs, check registers, bank statements, sales reports, and payroll reports. If you choose to input your accounting information using software such as Quickbooks, we can use a copy of your file to retrieve the reports necessary in compiling monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements.

Coming as a surprise to some, our services are not confined to the state of South Carolina. We provide regular accounting services to businesses operating as far away as Florida, Washington, and New York. Throughout the year, we also provide services and personal accounting advice to individual clients living all around the world.


Don’t waste time spending hours, even days trying to figure out this supposed “free” tax software. As Enrolled Agents, we are required to take 40 hours of continuing education classes every year, which gives us the latest tax law changes and things to look for in the upcoming tax year. We prepare tax returns with all schedules including:

  • Personal Tax Preparation 
  • Schedule A (itemizing deductions like mortgage interest, real estate taxes, charitable contributions) 
  • Schedule B (interest & dividend income) 
  • Schedule C (sole proprietorship income) 
  • Schedule D (capital gains & losses – sale of stock or property) 
  • Schedule E (rental & royalty income) 
  • Schedule F (farm income)

With the tax preparation, you also get tax advice that most preparers cannot or choose not to give to their clients.

What kind of IRA should you contribute to?
What are the tax implications of selling property that was inherited?
Should you incorporate your small business?

Those are just a few questions that our tax preparers can help answer for you.

Our office is open year-round. We do not shut down after April 15th and only open one day a week like many franchised owned tax preparation offices.


Some clients need to take the next step when their business continues to grow and become more profitable. More profitability means more taxes. We specialize in small business tax preparation, including Form 1120 for “C” corporations, Form 1120S for “S” Corporations (most common), and Form 1065 for Partnership tax returns.

We can explain how converting your Schedule C business to an S-corporation can save you thousands in taxes. In addition, we can show you how to take advantage of the tax benefits by being a small business corporation.

Our pricing structure is generally considerably less than what most CPA firms charge. And with the preparation of your tax returns comes valuable consultation to maximize your income tax savings.

Again, we are available throughout the year, not just during tax season.


No matter the complexity of your issue, we have staff that are certified as Enrolled Agents with the IRS.

This allows us to speak with the IRS on your behalf. By filling out a simple power of attorney, we can represent you and answer any tax questions the IRS may have for you. Ask yourself, are you…

Owing back income taxes?
Behind on your company payroll taxes?
Late on sales taxes?
Receiving “intent to levy” notices?
These are the problems our company can handle for you. Don’t let other companies charge you thousands of dollars in retainer fees to “hopefully” get you qualified for an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise allows you to possibly pay a flat amount of money for taxes owed to the IRS, sometimes considerably less than the total amount owed. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick review of your personal income and equity to determine if you qualify for an offer in compromise and potentially thousands of dollars in savings.


Technology has made it easier for some to file their own taxes. However, these software programs cannot give accurate advice regarding decisions you make that affect your tax liability. Have you ever found yourself asking questions like, “What if I sell my rental? What is the tax impact? How can I delay or defer paying tax on the sale? If my investment property goes into foreclosure, how am I affected?” We have answered that question and hundreds of others similar to it.

Consultation regarding personal and business taxes is one of the most valuable services we provide at our company. By evaluating income, deductions, and other possible tax breaks, we make sure our clients are prepared to cover their current and future tax liability. Just preparing your tax return isn’t enough. Our specialty is having the knowledge to guide you in future decision making and in implementing the strategies you need in order to minimize what you pay to Uncle Sam and to the state.


Handling payroll is a critical piece of any business’s operations. Processing payroll involves strict deadlines, financial balancing and accounting, and many time-consuming tasks. From ensuring employees are paid on time to withholding taxes to managing benefits, getting payroll done isn’t easy. FSU’s experienced staff will assist with every step of the process and be available to answer all your questions.

We process quarterly payroll reports to include: Form 940 (Federal Unemployment), Form 941 (Federal Withholding), WH-1605 and WH-1606 (State Withholding), and Form UCE-120 (SC Unemployment), and generate year-end tax Form W-2, Form W-3, and Forms 1096, 1098, and 1099.After processing the reports we also handle submitting the payments on your behalf. Small payroll preparation is available (1-15 employees) on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

  • Process payroll accurately and easily
  • Maintain regulatory & tax reporting compliance Knowledgeable & dedicated support
  • Federal, state & local tax reporting
  • E-Verify & New Hire Reporting
  • Federal & State taxes paid automatically

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